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Vale David Channon aka Boofhead > News > Mustang Forum Australia - Mustang Tech

Vale David Channon aka Boofhead

Posted by hybrid on (1381 views)
This was originally written by Ozbilt in the forums.

We have just lost a great mate, mentor, stirrer as well as a very knowledgeable member of our small Tech corner of the WWW.

"I will someday think of something clever to say " ....... a signature from someone who always had something profound to say.

I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with this incredible man. Sometimes in life, you meet people that can change your own life. Boof did that to me for the better. We did 3 overseas trips together and had a great 2,000 + kilometer road trip in his 65 fastback, along with many visits at each other's homes.

We we're never at a loss for conversation when together. I love his sense of humour (actually, his sense of the ridiculous, like mine). Thankfully I got to see the world from David's perspective, business like but with an altruistic bottom line, thanks mate.

David loves to stir the pot, especially when it comes to those that love playing with their engines. David is the devil on a lot of people's shoulder, whispering in their ear to spend more money on go fast bits.

Summit racing supplies in the USA, probably thinks that profits will go down with his passing, but he has snookered that thought by living on here, in our little corner of the world wide web, in our Tech Section ? Boof will continue to spend other people's money for a long time to come yet.

All this was because of his experience. His cars were well built, in fact the last two sold (302W powered Capri and his injected 302W 65 Mustang fastback) went to different very well known racing identities.

However, his engine building sometimes hit a few snags. Like the time he was helping a mate build a Holden 6 and because his friend lived in an apartment with only a tiny garage, they decided to assemble it on the balcony. Great idea for room to work, until it came time to carry the completed engine through the apartment and down the stairs. That engine came apart again and was reassembled downstairs. Sometimes the simplest things get past you ?

David gracefully dealt with the hand he had been given, something I do not know if I could do. His empathy for others astounds me, looking after his loved ones when I would be looking for pity.

We will miss you my friend, until we meet again. You will be easy to find as you will be hanging out with a bunch of rev heads in the great Formula 1 pit area in the sky ........

A footnote ........

David was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND or ALS) around December 2015. He suspected something was wrong in August/September of that year. For a long time, only a few of us knew what he had, so his support network was quite small. Over time, of course, word got out & the network grew, however it was still not widely known as that was David's wish.

One thing I have always noted and it was so apparent in this case, good people are always surrounded by good people. Thank you to all that knew and helped in whatever way you could.

I cannot speak to much about the condition itself, only from what I have observed traveling & spending time with him. I can say it is one of the hardest things in life to watch a mate, who you have the greatest respect for, go through.

David did that with dignity & with a smile on his face.

More info here ..... https://www.mndaust.asn.au/Get-informed/What-is-MND.aspx

And finally, some sobering figures .........

Boof was a great bloke and a well respected member of our community.
We are sad to see him go.

His funeral is tomorrow, and a few of our members have made the trek from interstate to pay their respects.
Good Speed buddy!



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