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{article/topic_title} New content added

Posted by hybrid on (556 views)
I've added the body dimensions for 64-66 and 67-68 models to our Tech Shop under restoration.

I have also zipped up a scan of my vario-centric camber adjuster kit instructions and put them in the download section, which may come in handy for somebody down the track.

{article/topic_title} MustangTech Merchandise

Posted by hybrid on (1605 views)
The logos created by 67er have now been added to a range of merchandise, so if you'd like to support the website, head to the Merchandise Link in the main menu to check it out.
Items include mens and womens shirts, mugs, mouse pads, bags, caps and more.

{article/topic_title} New Tech Shop Article

Posted by hybrid on (523 views)
I've added a new article to the Tech Shop today for making an adjustable pushrod and working out your required pushrod length.

{article/topic_title} New Tech Shop Articles by ozbilt

Posted by hybrid on (1454 views)
There are a few new articles in the Tech Shop courtesy of our resident Guru ozbilt.
You can find them in the Restoration, Steering and Suspension and the General Maintenance sections.

{article/topic_title} New Wiring Diagrams for 65-67 Mustangs

Posted by hybrid on (542 views)
Thanks to Hawko, we have some new wiring diagrams in the Downloads section. These ones look like they might be easier to read than the other ones, so download them and have a look.

{article/topic_title} New Logo thanks to 67er

Posted by hybrid on (562 views)
We have a new logo thanks to 67er who spent some time to create a look from one of the original Mustang badges. It looks great, so if you can't see it, hold down your shift button and then click refresh/reload in your browser. That will force your browser to reload all the images.

{article/topic_title} Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine - First issue.

Posted by hybrid on (1248 views)
The first issue of the Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine is now on the shelves at your local store, so get down there and support it. You can get a glimpse of the first issue online on their website. Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine ...

{article/topic_title} Downtime - UPS Upgrades

Posted by hybrid on (398 views)
Apologies for the down time today. Typical that we move the website to our hosted servers, and the Data Centre decide to upgrade their UPS devices!

{article/topic_title} Website moved

Posted by hybrid on (807 views)
You may have noticed the website go into maintenance mode today. I've bitten the bullet and moved the website to our hosted servers in Canada. Even though the website was fast enough in Australia, we were getting unfavourable stats from google. Our hosted servers have massive bandwidth, so this should make a big difference, especially when downloading from the website.

{article/topic_title} MustangTech Chatroom

Posted by hybrid on (678 views)
We've just added a MustangTech chatroom, so feel free to jump in the chat and check it out. The chatroom will open in a small popup window, so you can still browse the rest of the website while you're in the chat. Also, we have a friend in there called "MustangBot" when there are not many users in the chat. She's an Artificial Intelligence kinda girl. Jump in and say hello to her! There is a chatroom block on the right at the top now, or a link in the main menu under community.

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