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Mustrack GPS Vehicle Tracking Subscription

This product is for a single tracker. If you have multiple trackers, you need multiple services, or we can split the years you purchase here over multiple trackers.
Mustrack is our web based GPS tracking solution to be used with your GPS Tracker.

- Track your vehicle live on a map or view it's tracking history using an intuitive interface.
- Send commands to your tracker to configure it, or disable the vehicle for security.
- Multiple vehicle display.
- Select alerts to be sent from the server to your email address
- Send commands to your vehicle to change configuration or disable the ignition in case of theft
- History feature showing activity for previous days.
- CSV / KML (Keyhole Markup Language) data export options (compatible with Google Earth).
- Android App (Mustrack) for live tracking, historical data and sending commands.
- -- Currently supports Meitrack and VT600 Vehicle Trackers, but support for other trackers can be developed as required

See a demo of it here:
If you have multiple trackers in your Mustrack profile, please specify which tracker this is for in the comments during checkout.


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